Marrakech Lions Park

Marrakech Lions Park in the commune of Agadir Drarga offers a thrilling new attraction for visitors Opening in mid-2024. Created by a Moroccan entrepreneur with experience from South Africa, it promises an unforgettable safari adventure on the outskirts of Agadir.


Hotel pick up and drop off

Available to Hotels and Riads in Marrakech.​

Tour duration

Approx. 10 hours tour.

​ Starting time

Pick up at 08:00 - return around 18:00


Available every day. ​ ​

Free cancellation

Cancel 24 hours in advance for a full refund​.​ ​

Price includes​

✓ Pick-up and drop off ​
​ ✓ Driver guide ​
✓ Airconditional
✓Tickets ​
✓ Free time in lions park ​

Lions Park from Marrakech

Agadir Lion Park From Marrakech, a visionary project set to grace the outskirts of Agadir, promises an unparalleled safari experience in Morocco. Spearheaded by Hakim Abdel Hafid, a Moroccan with extensive expertise gained from South Africa, this endeavor seeks to redefine the nation's tourism landscape. The park, aptly named "The Lion Park of Drarga," will sprawl across 20 hectares of forested terrain in the commune of Drarga, complementing the existing Croco Parc. Unlike its predecessors, this park will focus solely on the majestic lions, offering visitors an immersive encounter akin to an African reserve safari.

Marrakech Atlas lions park

the park's layout prioritizes both visitor comfort and animal welfare. Nearly a quarter of the area will house amenities such as a restaurant, restrooms, and eco-lodges, while the remainder will be meticulously landscaped to accommodate three distinct zones: one for African Atlas lions, another for white lions, and a third reserved for Barbary lions. Notably, the lions will roam freely within their designated habitats, fostering an authentic safari experience.

With construction underway and an expected opening on the horizon, the Agadir Lion Park heralds a new era of tourism in Morocco. Employing stringent safety measures and ecological considerations, it promises not only thrills for visitors but also a sustainable environment for its inhabitants. As anticipation mounts, the park stands poised to welcome adventurers and conservation enthusiasts alike to embark on a journey through the wilds of Africa, right in the heart of Morocco's enchanting landscape.Marrakech Lions Park

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